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Summer sessions are available Monday through Friday to children in preschool through 6th grade. Every 2 weeks children will be introduced to different themes and coordinating activities. During learning centers, children will be grouped together by age and skill level to encourage participation. Snacks will be provided daily with each session.    * Early care options are available.

Session 1 - Brain Break

School is out for summer! Leave behind the stress and give your brain a break. In this session, children will learn and explore their environment through play, creativity and  socialization.

Session 2 - Think like a scientist

 This session is designed to peak children’s curiosity in science and get their creative minds flowing. Children will invent and conduct cool science experiments using the scientific method to explore their environment.  

Session 3- World Exploration

 Children will discover what makes our world unique by exploring continents and countries. Through research and creativity children will use their imagination to gain knowledge about the World in which we live.

Session-4 Cool Cash 

Through creativity, games and imaginative play, children will learn and apply the basic concepts used when it comes to money. This session will focus on US currency and undestanding the value of money.

Session 5- Back to Basics

 By using learning games, creative materials and outdoor fun,  children in the “Back to the Basics” session, will  learn and apply the 4 basic operations of mathematics: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Children will build confidence while practicing social skills. 

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